IAU placed technology as one of the four key priorities in its 2016-2020 Strategic plan. The main priority for this period is to develop a policy statement, building on the previous statement: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Universities from 2004 and adapting it to the current context. An Expert Advisory Group (EAG) has been established to oversee the process. The EAG is composed of Board members and experts from different regions. Learn more about the process on the IAU website.

As a global Association with members in all regions of the world, the IAU has a unique position to monitor trends around the world in order to favour exchange of best practices. The Association has just finalized the open consultation and currently reviewing the data which will serve to inform the development of the IAU Policy Statement. Follow the development on the IAU website.

IAU has an important role to play as a catalyst for collaboration and exchange. In the field of technology and higher education, IAU seeks to pursue this mission through different activities. One of them being this blog, that allows Members to share their experience in this field including perspectives from all regions of the world.

In March 2019, IAU launched a new programme 'institutional site visits' where higher education institutions that are very innovative and experienced in using technology in higher education in order to improve the quality or to widening access to higher education, will invite IAU Members to attend a 2-day meeting to learn from their experiences. Next site visit is expected to take place in March 2020. More information will soon be available.

IAU blog on the role of technology in higher education 

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